TOCQ il nuovo logo

If you are wondering what the idea behind the new logo is, we are going to tell you now.

When we decided to re-design the Tocq, we wanted to combine many aspects: technology, design, evolution, hospitality, territoriality and internationality. We wanted you to feel relaxed and safe as if in your own home while being in the heart of a city as lively as Milan.

Il progetto del nuovo logo TOCQ

This project was really engaging and demanding as we thought that the new logo should be easily recognisable. We thought about it for a while and then we found the answer exactly here, in something which has always belonged to us: our building.
By observing its façade, the clear vertical lines projected towards the sky opening out onto the city, we had the inspiration. We drew them and finally we had our new logo.

Our new logo is a door. It is open and invites you to enter into a warm welcoming place where you are going to feel completely relaxed and safe..

The new logo represents also a window which offers a view of Milan and its essence. Fashion, culture, food, design, business… thanks to its convenient position, the Tocq is at the centre of all this and makes guests live the city as protagonists..

The new logo is our vision. This is the list of all the things we want you to experience. For these reasons, the new Tocq is “Your place in Milan”.

TOCQ il nuovo logo sulla facciata